I’m a woman that found her true self, by rediscovering what she loves.

I’ve always had a love for hair and beauty. My concentration was on hair care, but total beauty has always been a love of mine. I attended school for cosmetology right after high school and after I graduated, I worked in a salon environment for about four years which was an awesome, extended educational experience. To be perfectly honest, I have never really enjoyed the styling of hair as much as I loved caring for the health of hair. Actually learning how to care for my own hair is what prompted me to go to school for cosmetology and it has also kept me continuously making a conscious effort to maintain healthy hair.

Fast forward to many years later, my hair stylist days over, I still managed to keep my hair maintained well. When I decided to not relax my hair anymore (which I later learned was called transitioning) it wasn’t easy on any front.  From the opposition I got from family and friends, trying to manage the two different textures in my hair, learning to style this new texture, it was very difficult to adjust.  Doing so, took a lot of research, practice and patience.  Although it was not easy, it felt right.  I was in love with my natural texture.  I was eager to learn how to maintain it.  Facing what I felt was constant criticism in the beginning and still doing what felt right to me, gave me true self-confidence.

After going fully natural, I continue to make it my business to encourage and empower new naturals or those that want to care for their hair even if they are not natural.

My motto is whether your hair is natural, relaxed, or you are rocking a protective style, don’t forget about your crown.