Welcome to the 30 Day Hair Care Challenge

Why is this challenge for you? 

If your hair is dry and you are having a hard time retaining moisture. This challenge is for you.

If you are noticing that your hair is breaking off or shedding too much. Then this challenge is for you. 

If you want growth and retaining length. Then this challenge for you. 

If you have fallen off from taking care of your hair and you just need a reset to help you to set a regimen. Then this challenge is for you.   

We are so happy you joined us on this challenge. We wanted to create a way for us to get back on track in our healthy hair care regimen. 

We are going to stick to this healthy hair care regimen for 30 days straight. Regular cleansing, deep conditioning moisturizing and styling responsibly, etc. – giving our hair the TLC that it needs. 
Breewoo products are not required to participate in the 30 Day Hair Care Challenge, but they are preferred since we have everything that you need to get started at www.Breewoo.com. If you choose to use other products, these are the Ingredients to AVOID:

NO SULFATES or harsh cleansing ingredients



NO SILICONES (including Dimethicone)

We are starting on March 15, 2022. This will give you time to grab what you need in order to be consistent for 30 days.  

The best products to get for the 30-Day Hair Care Challenge, to keep it simple, would be the Mane-Tain and Retain bundle or for my sisters with low porosity hair, you can order the Low Porosity BundleYou can even pick up your satin bonnet.