Maintaining A Normal Hair Care Schedule

Do you have a normal maintenance schedule to maintain your hair?

How important do you think a hair care regimen for hair health is?   I can honestly say a strict hair care regimen may not fit everyone’s lifestyle, but some find it necessary to make sure their hair is in optimum shape.  In the beginning of my journey, I will admit, I didn’t think a regimen was needed at all.  I figured I would just wash it and deep condition my hair the way I did when I went to the salon every two weeks and that should work fine.  Wrong!!!  I never made it to the two week mark because my hair was so dry I had to wash it within that first week.  So after doing research on how to build a regimen for healthy hair, I came across so many references to starting a regimen – the basics are prep, cleanse, deep condition, moisturize, style and/or protect.  Every week I would stick to that, but my hair was not holding moisture in as much, so I did more research. I found I needed to go deeper, I learned about prepoos, sulfate-free cleansers, moisture/protein balance conditioning and regular moisturizing and sealing practices.   Then I picked up a few other pointers on maintaining my hair, such as apple cider vinegar rinses, cowashing and finger detangling.   So what really works?  Well I found a variation of all of those things work.  Are all those things needed to maintain healthy haircare?  Maybe not, it really depends on the individual.  The best advice I can give is, build a regimen, Stick with the regimen for at least three months to see how your hair responds.  If your hair doesn’t seem to be responding then reevaluate your regimen and adjust based on what your hair needs.  Keeping it simple will be your best bet.

What I’ve learned along the way – The basics

Step 1:


Step 2:


Step 3:

Deep condition (alternate use of moisture and protein conditioners) detangle and rinse

Step 4:

Leave in conditioner for added moisture and seal

Step 5:


What is your regimen?

If you don’t have one, do think it will make a difference in the health of your hair.

2 thoughts on “Maintaining A Normal Hair Care Schedule

  1. I absolutely remember most of your journey and you have thick beautiful hair that you put lots of hard work into…I too have tried several methods between me and my daughters cidar vinegars and finger combing and rejuvenating scalp messages for stimulating growth with hands it worked but truly this new routine with the breewoo added has made my existing routine a breeze! Thank you wendy .
    My daughter, my husband, and my own hair feels and looks better plus I recently went to get my pedicure done I used leave in as cream moisturizer my skin gave a nice glow better than any lotion I’ve used..breewoo is the truth.

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