Avocado Honey Cream Deep Conditioner

Avocado Honey Cream Deep Conditioner

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 8 oz.


Nourish dry, damaged hair and maintain healthy scalp with Breewoo’s Avocado Honey Cream Deep Conditioner. Rich in proteins, antioxidants and vitamins, this all-natural hydrating conditioner seals in moisture increases hair’s elasticity and keeps curls frizz-free. Avocado delivers a powerful punch of essential nutrients that rejuvenates limp, lifeless hair, and promotes healthy hair growth. Honey, also a humectant, works to protect, prevent damage and strengthen hair follicles, which helps you to retain more length.


How it helps

  • Revitalizes limp, lifeless hair
  • Seals in moisture and your hair’s natural oils
  • Increases hair’s elasticity
  • Prevents dandruff
  • Promotes healthy hair growth
  • Nourishes and moisturizes dry damaged hair


Why it’s good for you

  • No Sulfates
  • No Parabans
  • No Petroleum
  • No Mineral Oil