Winter Hair Care

As the Weather Changes...

As the weather changes, do you change how you care for your hair and skin? I sure do! Like your skin, your hair needs extra moisture in the colder months or it will become dry & brittle. This will very likely result in hair breakage. Although I make an extra effort to protect my hair in the warmer months because of the sun’s harmful rays. The moisture from the air helps to keep my hair moist so I don’t have to add as much moisture, but I do make an extra effort to protect my hair from harmful UV rays. Unlike the warmer months where there is moisture in the air to help protect & care for your hair, the winter months are the exact opposite. I didn’t realize that my hair needed extra TLC in the colder months until I started having so many setbacks from breakage due to dry hair. So make a conscious effort to moisturize your hair, but make sure you are moisturizing properly. Pay special attention to the ends of your hair since they are the oldest part of your hair. Do not forget to seal in the moisture with a butter or an oil. I prefer a modified LOC method which stands for:


is for Loc


is for Oil


is for Cream

My modified version is water as liquid, leave-in conditioner/moisturizer as my cream, oil, then a Shea butter based product.

So my method is LCOB. Try it and let me know what you think. I’ve tried a so many different variations of the moisturizing my hair, but I find this keeps my hair moisturized for at least 2 to 3 days before I need to moisture my hair again. I find that it keeps my hair soft, shiny, moisturized.

Do you make any changes?

4 thoughts on “Winter Hair Care

  1. Such a great topic. I always notice that this time of year my skin goes through changes and I always have to adjust my skincare routine to keep my skin from becoming too dry. I never thought about it before, but It makes so much sense that my hair would need the extra TLC too. Definitely trying the LCOB method, it sounds like its exactly what my hair needs to stay in tact through these winter months.

  2. I have noticed how dry and brittle my hair can be after I color it, especially in the fall and winter. Now I apply Breewoo products by massaging my hair in box braid sections right after coloring, and have noticed such a major difference in the amount of drying caused by coloring! Again I thank you for the heads up about the importance of a hair regimen, and providing an alternative, working product!

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