What is Super Potent Growth Serum?

What is Super Potent Growth Serum?


What is Super Potent Growth Serum?  

The name speaks for itself.  This oil is a combination of 

beneficial oils that are Infused with Ayurvedic herbs & vitamins.  

 What does it do?  

  • Improves scalp condition 
  • stimulate follicles to promote growth
  • relieve itchy, dry scalp
  •  improve length retention
  • Nourish and soften hair
  • seal in moisture

I wanted to make sure to incorporate Ayurveda extracts to Super Potent Growth Serum because I’ve experimented with Ayurvedic methods throughout my journey (some are very intense and most will find it complicated and time consuming) and I know they have some amazing benefits to the stimulate growth, reduce shedding, and strengthen your hair.  

The herb that floats in the oil is not only aesthetically pleasing and it’s what I affectionately call “the money shot”, when shaken up.  It is also beneficial, it contributes to stimulating hair growth. 

Applying the Super Potent Growth Serum to your hair will be greatly beneficial to retaining length.  This is oil can effectively seal in the moisture and nourish your hair shaft. 

Additionally, apply this oil to your scalp and give yourself a nice scalp massage.  This will not only relax you, releasing tension but it will also revitalize dormant follicles by increasing blood flow to your follicles to stimulate growth.  

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