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Luscious and Length Natural Hair Care Bundle

Luscious and Length Natural Hair Care Bundle

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Breewoo's Luscious and Length Natural Hair Care bundle has everything you need to master your hair care regimen.  From cleansing to styling, we got you covered.  For luscious and lengthy natural hair, follow the steps...

Step 1. Moisture Mint Cleanser (8 oz) is perfect for dry, curly, coily, kinky hair types.  it is 100% natural, non-stripping, low poo cleanser.   Your hair will feel clean and soft which will allow for easier detangling.

Step 2. Pumpkin Cream Deep Conditioner (8 oz) is a creamy, moisturizing deep conditioner.   The Pumpkin Cream Deep Conditioner ingredients provide nutrients to hair follicles which deeply nourish them.  This conditioner reduces dryness and aids in preventing breakage.   

Step 3. Luscious Leave-in is a multi-use conditioner (8 oz).  It's a co-wash, leave-in conditioner, detangler and moisturizer.  The Luscious Leave-in Conditioner is a perfect moisturizer for porous, curly, coily and kinky textures.  

Step 4.  Super Potent Hair Serum (4 oz) is all natural.  It stimulates growth, relieves flaky, itchy scalp, softens new growth, conditions and nourishes the hair strand.  It is also a great sealant to improve length retention. 

Step 5.  Moisturizing Twisting Cream (4 oz)  is a way to have the benefit of styling without sacrificing the health of your hair. using products that will dry it out.  The Moisturizing Twisting Cream will give you a defined, but soft and bouncy twist out.  

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